To have the right people in the right place doing what they are best at

For thriving and passionately motivated people

For constant improvement through aligned personal development

People working in alignment with themselves and their passion are the real backbone of successful enterprises

Performing from aligned flow results in the outstanding expression of the characteristic talents a person has. Imagine the excellence of output that would be generated if your organization were filled with people in inspired alignment with themselves and, therefore, their greatness. The passion, effectiveness, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, efficiency, performance, health, flow, joyfulness, connection amongst colleagues and with clients, would enter new realms of experience, possibilities, and results.


DSTNY Coaching helps professionals (re)discover and more consciously wield their characteristic value adding attributes, and surf on the apex of their abilities, within the context of their job situation and which stage of their life process they are in. Whether a starting or established artist, a powerful CEO, an inspiring teacher, a government minister, an ambitious manager, a chaotic creative, a strategic director, a career diplomat, a dynamic entrepreneur, a musical conductor, a secretary general of an institution, a helping caregiver, an enterprising business owner, a responsible mayor, a school principle, or a leader and professional in any capacity, your specific talents are consciously owned, honed, and brought to greater expression and excellence in your work. The results include: pronounced natural inspiration and flow of qualities and talents into manifested work output; more joyful appreciation of self; enhanced enthused connections with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders; infectious passion and amplified productivity at work; and the right personal balance of elements in life for self.


DSTNY Coaching assists professionals to passionately do and be the best they can be on the basis of those professionals’ own unique combination of personal genius and innate gifts. Individual performance and added value is efficiently and effectively expanded, whilst magnifying work output , fulfillment, balance, and happiness in the process.



(excl. VAT)

General hourly fee   € 500,-

Intake and coaching session (3 hours)  € 1000,-

Coaching session (2 hours)  € 1000,-

Phone coaching session (1 hour)  € 500,-

Day fee group/team coaching   € 5000,-

Training/workshop/seminar ~ upon request


* All coaching interactions are always 100% custom created in alignment with the person and/or group worked with, also taking into account the various relevant contexts at play.

Corporate Clients

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.

– Georg Hegel –