Dr. Hedy M. Smit

PhD Psychoneurology

MSc Strategic Management

MSc International Management/CEMS

After having grown up and been educated in various countries as the daughter of a career diplomat, in a family with a diversity of cultural roots; graduated high school with the Baccalauréat Scientifique from the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London (GB); completed Masters in Business Administration with emphasis on Strategic and International Management at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (NL) and the Université de Louvain-la-Neuve (BE); and had a successful start on a promising path in the world of International Marketing at Henkel/Schwarzkopf in Düsseldorf (DE), Hedy M. Smit turned onto the road of discovering her own avenue, less influenced by the expectations and conventions of society, and more influenced by inner clarity of feeling. Along the way she continued studies in Psychology; took on training to become a Certified Creative Career Counselor and Coach at the Academie Integrale Menswetenschappen/SPSO near Utrecht (NL); discovered the joys and challenges of Motherhood; started DSTNY Coaching; became a Certified NLP/NAC Master Practitioner and Strategist (Robbins, USA, and Synergetic Results International, USA), and a Results Coach and a Trainer in the organization of internationally renowned Peak Performance Coach Anthony Robbins; undertook the adventure of becoming a Principal Blessing Giver at the Oneness University near Chennai (IND); completed a PhD in Psychoneurology, a field fully focused on human thriving, at Beurin University in Los Angeles (USA); also stumbled upon and delved deeply into an expansive alternative body of knowledge called Human Design; and incessantly continues learning.


Dr. Hedy M. Smit has a passion for helping people connect with their true self and unique way of being, and from there access their potential and accompanying talents, and bring those into self-evident and flowing expression. In her work, she combines the remarkably wide range of tools and techniques acquired through her accumulated business administration and human well-being education, research, and experience. Her approach is distinctly personalized, appealing both to the conscious and unconscious, deeply powerful, varied, always individually aligned, fun, holistically integrated, practical, and profoundly connected.

Live the true adventure of life: master being yourself, instead of forcefully trying to master yourself.

– Hedy M. Smit