DSTNY Coaching

DSTNY Coaching strives for an empowered, fulfilled, and overall thriving society, in which individuals follow their own most personally and passionately rewarding destiny in line with who they uniquely are, and what their distinctive added value is.


DSTNY Coaching focuses on and is specialized in alignment and performance coaching, believing that is the key to achieving the most satisfying rapid and in-depth results. The approach is fully personalized, transformative, integrative, profound, connected, fun, and practical, with emphasis on the unique contribution that each individual is to society. DSTNY Coaching combines a wide range of traditional, innovative, and creative tools and techniques, derived from an array of fields, including psychoneurology, personal growth, and business administration related disciplines. The left rational/logical side of the brain and the right intuitive/creative side of the brain are both brought into play, as well as the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind, to yield quantum leap, holistic, aligned outcomes. Each coaching session, interaction, training, workshop, seminar, is tailor made to the unique specificities of the person and/or group being worked with.


DSTNY Coaching’s alignment and performance coaching holistically intertwines with a whole array of coaching areas along the path: career coaching, well-being coaching, management coaching, relationship coaching, consciousness coaching, systems coaching, leadership coaching, life coaching, business coaching, and decision-making, all from the foundational focus on profound personal alignment with each individual’s own self, passion, talents, and skills.


DSTNY Coaching dedicates at least 20% of its time to pro bono work.

Examples of DSTNY Coaching trajectories

The destiny of man is in his own soul.

– Herodutus –