To live your authentic life in line with your true self

To tap into the potential of your most fulfilled, inspired, and personally balanced life

To connect most profoundly with yourself and the world around you

Being yourself and bringing to expression the amazing potential within you

Alignment with yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It sounds simple, but it is not easy. External and internal conditioning, of your sense of self, of who you should be, of what you should or should not do, happens from the moment you enter this world and continues until the day you die. Consciously and unconsciously, you try to adapt as best you can to all the conditioning you are subjected to. In that process, your true self and its potential are usually constrained, affecting every aspect of your life: your way of being in life, your profession, your performance, your happiness, your relationships, your joy of life, your health, your success, your inspiration, your added value, your connection with the world. Not living in alignment with yourself takes so much away from your life, generally without you even being aware of it.


DSTNY Coaching’s powerful in-depth alignment and performance coaching impels you to (re)discover your natural ability to be your true self and to integrate what is in line with it and what exhilarates it most. This frees up your potential from the built-up constraints of conditioning, and allows your soul’s greatest talents to come to expression. In alignment, your life seems to magically rearrange in different ways and become an exponentially more joyful, fulfilling, inspiring, profound, and connected experience. Thriving from your core outward is the result, with repercussions throughout every aspect of your life. Your perspective and relationship with yourself, your activities, your environment, and the world, transform into a wondrously gratifying and flowing state of living and performing, from being your unique and true self.



(excl. VAT)

General hourly fee   € 500,-

Intake and coaching session (3 hours)  € 1000,-

Coaching session (2 hours)  € 1000,-

Phone coaching session (1 hour)  € 500,-

Intensive full coaching day (min. 6 hours)  € 2500,-

Family and/or friends session ~ upon request

Other customized session or trajectory ~ upon request


* All coaching interactions are always 100% custom created in alignment with the person and/or group worked with, also taking into account the various relevant contexts at play.

Private clients

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson –